The world of sports is a big business.

The various sports have their respective potentials and include one of them soccer or what is known as soccer.

Football betting that goes on in this world has a very large flow of money rounds.

Every week there are hundreds to thousands of football matches that run around the world and can be played in real time through the current soccer betting sites.

This is what causes the growth of a lot of interest for soccer betting not only from the fun and hobbies of the ball itself.

Handicap or Vooran

Since the first handicap, has always been the most beloved bet. Not really on soccer gambling because many handicaps are also played in other sports betting. Not only in Indonesia but all over the world like this dynamic vooran bet.

This handicap bet arises because of the difference in quality between the two teams that will compete.

These different conditions and qualities cause vooran to be needed and given from a stronger team to a weaker team.

For example, the stronger team A scores 1 ball to team B, then if the competition stops with a score of 1-0 for team A’s victory by betting, it is still a draw because B receives 1 ball and makes the score 1-1 by betting.

Over Under (OU) or Top Down

The OU bet is also the second most popular bet after the handicap.

This betting category likes to be played because of the simplicity of the bets offered.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned soccer bettor can easily understand and remember this betting plan because what you need to predict is not which team will win and lose but the number of goals from a match.

Correct Score or Guess the Score

Correct Score or Guess the Score

Guessing the score of one match over two 45 minutes is not an easy matter because there are many aspects of the cause of the course of a tournament that can even affect much for the outcome of a match regardless of how well you guess.

For this reason, guessing the actual score is not a profitable bet.

But there is always pride in being able to accurately predict the score of a match, especially for mania bettors who like challenges.

1 x 2 or Home Draw Away

Disturbances in understanding handicaps which are quite difficult to understand for gambling beginners can be removed if you bet on this 1 X 2 bet category.

Here you only need to put 1 for the host X win for a draw, and 2 for the away team victory.

Mix Parlay

Bettors who love challenges certainly don’t want to miss parlay bets that are difficult to win but challenging to place with tempting income.

Mix parlay can also be made as a bet that has been packaged.

But in a package generally you can describe the menu that has been selected, but in this bet you can choose the match menu freely and at least have to choose 3 parties to guess correctly in order to get the agreed salary.


This type of bet is also known as guessing the champion which is generally not always available at all times and is only opened at the beginning of one league and one championship period and can usually be closed after several stages. If you are interested, you can visit also.

But sometimes outright of our bets are still really open towards the end of the period but with lower income odds.

Outright is a type of bet that is always fun to play and the slow flow of the betting journey will keep you awake every time.

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